October 22, 2015

The Value of Water Coalition is partnering with cities across the United States to promote a national campaign highlighting an essential resource: water.

The Imagine A Day Without Water campaign is aimed at raising awareness of and building public support for investment in water.

“The truth is, of course, we can’t go a day without water,” said Radhika Fox, Director of the Value of Water Coalition. “For homes, that would mean no water to take a shower, make coffee, clean, do laundry, or flush the toilet. For businesses from restaurants to manufacturing plants, water is essential to daily operations. During Imagine a Day Without Water, we’re speaking with one voice across the nation about how water is essential, invaluable, and needs investment.”

Many people take water service for granted. Clean, safe, reliable, and affordable water comes out of the tap and flows down the drain without a second thought. The massive infrastructure, much of it underground, that brings water to homes and businesses, takes it away, and treats it, is under pressure 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The system is in a constant state of aging.

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