By The Diane Rehm Show

February 17, 2016

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, vows he’ll do what it takes to make sure the tap water in Flint, Michigan is safe again. He proposes spending close to $200 million dollars on bottled water, filters, infrastructure improvements, and other programs to help the beleaguered residents of flint. People there were drinking, bathing and cooking with water contaminated with lead for more than a year before state officials acknowledged the problem. The crisis in Flint has prompted officials in a number of other cities to take a closer look into the safety of their tap water. 


  • Erik Olson director of the health program for the Natural Resources Defense Council; former director of food programs at Pew Health Group
  • James Salzman Donald Bren Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law with joint appointments at UCSB and UCLA, author of “Drinking Water: A History”
  • George Hawkins CEO and general manager, District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water). 

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