By Radhika Fox, CEO, US Water Alliance

February 4, 2016

One company uses moss to clean water, while another purifies it by passing it through stone. A third promises a new technology that can cut the cost of turning sea water into drinking water by 70%.

All these firms are out of Minnesota, where talent from a longstanding group of industries is combining with growing demand for water from places like California to create a thriving scene for water tech startups.

Here’s how these new technologies work:


On a return flight from Europe several years back, David Knighton, a retired Minneapolis-area surgeon, was reading an article on how injured WWI soldiers who had their wounds staunched with sphagnum moss had a higher survival rate than those that used cotton.

Being a doctor, he figured the moss must have had anti-bacterial property. Research in old medical journals confirmed his theory.

Knighton is now CEO of Creative Water Solutions, which uses a variety of the moss to purify water. In residential swimming pools and spas, the moss is packaged into a sleeve near the filter. Its cleaning properties reduce the need for chemicals, take the chlorine smell out of the water and extend the life of filtration equipment.


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