Prize Nominations

Applicants must use  the following official nomination form:







Before you begin the process of completing the nomination form, please ensure that you have the following materials ready:

Nomination Summary:

Applicants must supply a 300 word summary of their nomination. This summary should clearly and succinctly describe why the person or entity is deserving of a U.S. Water Prize, how the nominee relates to the prize criteria, and who would be able to accept the award on behalf of the nominee.

Descriptive Narrative:

Applicants will have the opportunity to better describe and explain their project, program, or initiative as it relates to the prize criteria. Applicants must provide a description of the project or initiative that is no longer than 1250 words in length. The description must clearly state the project or initiatives topic area (education, public awareness, research, technology, water resource management, or policy development), the current and future water quality or water quantity challenges it seeks to address, and the innovative approach taken to promote water sustainability. The narrative must also provide a description or listing of the project or initiative’s recent accomplishments.

Letters of Recommendation:

All nominations must include at least two, but no more than five, independent letters of recommendation. Each recommendation shall not be longer than 500 words in length.

Curriculum Vitae:

For individual nominees a Curriculum Vitae or resume must be included. Additionally, a more detailed document outlining the nominee’s achievements may be submitted. This document is limited to 500 words in length.

Optional Application Documentation:

Up to ten pages of additional supporting documentation such as articles, publications, reports, book excerpts and multimedia materials that provide relevant support to the nomination may be submitted, but are not required. These materials can be submitted by email or by mail.

Expectations of Winners:

The U.S. Water Alliance will choose three winners to receive a 2016 U.S. Water Prize. The following are expectations of these winners:

  • A U.S. Water Prize winner, whether an individual or an entity, must have a representative who can attend the award ceremony in Washington, D.C. in April 2016 to accept the award.
  • Actively promote the U.S. Water Prize ceremony and program via e-newsletter, press releases, and/or printed media.
  • Consider developing a five minute video providing an overview of the winning achievement.
  • Provide feedback to the U.S. Water Alliance on the U.S. Water Prize program and award ceremony.



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