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Any United States based institution, organization, or individual is eligible to win a U.S. Water Prize. Non-profits, educational institutions, companies, government agencies/coalitions, utilities, law firms, and individuals may be nominated from all sectors that intersect with water. Nominees must demonstrate successful projects, programs, and/or initiatives that represent effective innovation in ensuring water sustainability by advancing holistic, watershed-based approaches to water quality and quantity challenges. Projects, programs, and initiatives may be in one or more of the following topic areas: education, public awareness, research, technology, water resource management, or policy development.


A U.S. Water Prize will be awarded to a nominee whose program, project, or initiative demonstrates an approach to, and clear impact on the advancement of water sustainability. The U.S. Water Alliance and an independent review panel will evaluate nomination applications, taking into account the following three criteria:

Collaboration to manage water as one resource. Progress in moving towards a watershed-based, holistic approach, with integration among key water stakeholders and agencies to achieve improved results.

Technologies, management practices, regulatory strategies and/or financing strategies that are changing the water paradigm.

Formal or informal education programs or initiatives that are working to inform and inspire – providing motivation and insight to help people view, value, and manage water in a more holistic and sustainable way.


The U.S. Water Alliance’s independent Review Panel will review all applications in accordance with the guidelines and criteria of the United States Water Prize.  The Review Panel will make recommendations to the U.S. Water Alliance’s Recognition Committee for the final selection of winners. U.S. Water Prize winners will be announced in January 2016.


Nominations should be made by December 2015 using the official nomination forms. Applications will not be accepted by members of the Recognition Committee or members of their families.  Additionally, direct solicitations to members of the Recognition Committee by applicants will result in disqualification from further consideration.

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