One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life’s Most Essential Resource

Emily Feenstra, US Water Alliance | December 6, 2016

Today the US Water Alliance released our One Water Roadmap: The Sustainable Management of Life’s Most Essential Resource, a guide for how we can tackle our nation’s most pressing water challenges using one water management strategies.

Regardless of the locale, the simple truth is that all water has value—drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and everything in between—and should be managed in a sustainable, inclusive, integrated way. We call this perspective One Water. And while our focus is water, our goals are thriving local economies, vibrant communities, and healthy ecosystems.

This report makes a compelling case for the One Water approach, so that stakeholders who are new to the movement can learn about the breadth of practice, and practitioners can learn from the best-in-class leaders. We highlight successful strategies and powerful real-world examples of One Water management in practice. The roadmap highlights the bold, new strategies that water utilities, businesses, agricultural groups, and municipalities, are implementing in the face of dramatic water challenges. At its core, One Water is about bringing together the diverse stakeholders who all want to affect change and build a sustainable water future for all.

The roadmap is organized around six arenas for action where we are making progress: Reliable and Resilient Utilities, Thriving Cities, Competitive Business and Industry, Sustainable Agricultural Systems, Social and Economic Inclusion, and Healthy Waterways.

One Water graphic.jpg

Change can be difficult. But when it comes to the ways in which we manage our water resources and infrastructure, change is imperative. We produced this report to demonstrate that One Water approaches can be practical, achievable, and mutually beneficial to all those with an interest in our water resources.

This roadmap could not have come together without the help and insights from our members, particularly our One Water Council, and supporters. You can view and download the One Water Roadmap at the US Water Alliance website. We will be highlighting various arenas for action and specific case studies from the roadmap here on our US Water Alliance blog in 2017.