US Water Prize 2020



Awarded on an annual basis, the US Water Prize celebrates outstanding achievement in the advancement of sustainable, integrated, and inclusive solutions to our nation's water challenges. It is the preeminent national recognition program for exemplary efforts to secure a One Water future for all.

Winners of US Water Prize 2020 will be announced and recognized during the annual awards ceremony that will be held Tuesday, May 12 in Washington DC. Nominations are due Wednesday, February 19, and winners will be chosen by an independent review panel of water experts.

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Organizational Awards

These awards are dedicated to celebrating organizations leading the way with creative One Water solutions and driving a paradigm shift in how we view, value, and manage water in America. Those eligible for nomination include water utilities, businesses, agricultural organizations, environmental organizations, community-based organizations, research institutions, and others.

Outstanding Cross-Sector Partnership Nomination Form

Outstanding Public Sector Organization Nomination Form

Outstanding Private Sector Organization Nomination Form

Outstanding Nonprofit Organization Nomination Form

Journalism Award

This award was created to recognize the positive impact the media can have on building public understanding of the complicated and pressing water issues we face in America today. The US Water Prize for Outstanding Journalism on the Value of Water honors a member, or members, of the media who have demonstrated exemplary reporting on a water-related issue.

Outstanding Journalism on the Value of Water Nomination Form

Public Official Award

The US Water Prize for Outstanding Public Official honors an individual who has championed water policy in their public agenda, inspiring leadership and action to overcome water sector challenges. Individuals eligible to be nominated include elected officials at every level of government, including mayors, city managers, city councilmembers, governors, state legislators, representatives of tribal governments, members of Congress, and more.

Outstanding Public Official Nomination Form

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