Five Ways To Get Involved

1. Spread the Word. Elevate the discussion around water infrastructure and water policy and their effect on you, your friends, family, and/or your business through social media. Use the graphics and language below: 

Sample tweet: 15 One Water Listening Sessions + 40 Partner Organizations + 500 Participants = 7 Big Ideas for changing One Water management across the country. Read more about our findings

Sample tweet or Facebook post: One of the most pressing water challenges is stronger partnerships between agriculture and utilities. Read more about solutions to forge progress in Big Idea #2.

2. Host Watch Parties. The cornerstone of each of the virtual release events is a webinar about the policy brief. Find a facility and gather stakeholders in your area and watch the webinar together. Ask important questions: What are the unique challenges on this issue for our area? What has stopped progress here in the past? Whose support do we critically need to advance this area of One Water? Are there potential allies not yet at the table?

3. Engage Local, State, or National Policy Leaders. Invite city council members, mayors, state legislators, or members of Congress to address your group or to participate in a session discussing the policy solutions offered in the Framework.

4. Stand Up Your Own Events. Don’t let the virtual policy brief release be the end of the conversation, make it the beginning. If you have an event or important date in your area, use it to start a conversation. The US Water Alliance is happy to help you identify speakers based on our research for the One Water for America Policy Framework.

5. Join the One Water Summit. Take what you have learned and the relationships you have built and bring them to the One Water Summit, hosted in Minnesota in July 2018. Consider creating a regional delegation. Learn more about what is a Delegation and which ones are already part of the One Water Summit.