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“Water is considered one of the most critical factors in determining how and at what pace our world can support humanity’s continued growth.”

Veolia Water North America CEO, Laurent Auguste.

The U.S. Water Alliance is currently working in consultation with industry colleagues, scientists, and academia and environmental professionals at leading NGOs on, a data-rich and user-friendly website about the state of water globally and locally. GrowingBlue is aimed at increasing global awareness of our water challenges, as well as helping municipalities, businesses and consumers gain a better understanding of how water is as essential to our economic and social growth as it is to ensuring healthy ecosystems and our natural environment.

The website is meant to serve as a resource for credible, accurate water related data. It uses a variety of tools, including animated maps, info graphics, and case studies to provide visually compelling information about the urgency of the problems facing the water economy. It has three primary sections, The Growing Blue Tool that illustrates the current state of water, 2050 Scenarios that previews what the world may look like if we continue “business as usual,” and the Implications of Growth that provides real-world examples of the economic, environmental and social impacts that result from the absence of water.

The Alliance, along with Veolia Water, Global Water Intelligence and all the supporting organizations, hope that GrowingBlue will become a platform for dialogue on the need for thoughtful solutions to manage this uniquely vital resource.

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