March 24 Event: Banking on Ecological Success in Appalachia

The U.S. Water Alliance’s Business Advisory Council and Environmental Banc and Exchange are hosting a limited invitation event, Banking on Ecological Success in Appalachia: Water, Species, Standards and Trends, on Monday, March 24, at the Sheraton Square Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Nationally and regionally, there is an increasing reliance upon the use of mitigation and conservation banking as innovative and flexible approaches to mitigating the impacts from permitted natural resource extraction projects and related sectors.

This interactive forum will include a focus on the Appalachian region and the evolving requirements and standards for sustainable and long-term use and protection of critical resources, such as streams, wetlands and species habitat. What standards apply to projects and development and how might they change in the foreseeable future? What are the regulators’ perspectives and priorities? Where are the biggest challenges and opportunities for improving mitigation tools? What are the impediments and issues for industry? This program will offer a unique cross-section of perspectives, including federal and state regulators, environmental advocates, wetland scientists and ecologists, and the regulated community, who will all discuss the risks, opportunities, and latest developments related to this emerging topic.

Click here to view Agenda.

Attendance is by invitation only, but if interested in participating please contact Hope Hurley at hhurley@uswateralliance.org.

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