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One Water Management Network to Develop Action Plan

Now 18 members strong, the One Water Management (OWM) network will gather a much larger, extended group to engage in the development of next steps that can help spread Integrated Water Management.  The meeting is being convened by the U.S. Water Alliance on June 20, in Washington D.C.  Invited guests will include stakeholders from an array of agencies and non-profits, at the federal, state, and local level.  Participants will identify barriers and solutions that are part of an action plan forward.  The group will be updated on current federal developments related to OWM (e.g. EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, Interior, CEQ) and hear from Senior Hill staff to discuss OWM’s future prospects.

OWM is an approach to foster water sustainability.  By taking into account all resources and where they intersect water, land, energy, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation  we can meet challenges more holistically with better results overall.  OWM will help clarify roles and responsibilities, accountability, reduce conflict, and improve integrated management of resources to provide for future generations.

The OWM network national meeting is being supported by a partnership among the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), the Water Research Foundation (Water RF) and the WateReuse Foundation. One of the goals of this meeting will be to inform and be informed by the growing body of research being conducted and considered in this arena. (WERF, Water RF, and Water Quality Research Australia will announce the awardee for an RFP on institutional barriers to OWM later this month.)  For more information contact Lorraine Koss at 202.533.1819, or email lkoss@uswa.us.

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